Classic Vanilla WoW Profession Overview/Guide: Cooking, First Aid

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Classic WoW Profession Guide, what profession to choose in vanilla wow: Cooking, Herbalism, Mining, Leatherworking, Blacksmith, engineering, Tailoring. Hopefully this tutorial will help players pick a business of their own for the best MMO of 2019.

0:07 Intro
1:00 Cooking presentation
3:00 Gold/Money making with cooking
6:47 Example 1 of Making Gold with cooking
8:00 Example 2 Of Making Money with cooking
9:26 More Rare and Expensive Recipes
10:26 First Aid training
11:55 Outro + Conclusion

This is the 7th and final episode from the vanilla profession overview series. In our previous episodes we covered all the primary professions and fishing, Today, we’re going to discuss the last 2 remaining professions: Cooking and First Aid. I’m kinda happy that finally managed to finish the series because it took a lot time and research. As you might know… looking up online for a vanilla wow profession guide will mostly give you results about how to level it from 1 – 300, rarely covering them as an overview or slightly more in depth. The purpose of the series was to help new and returning players choose the skills that suits their needs.

Cooks experiment with strange and wondrous ingredients gathered from the far corners of Azeroth. A dedicated chef is able to turn mundane ingredients, recently caught fish or leftover animal meat into a delectable and nutritious meals. Cooking is a secondary profession – anyone can train to be a cook, no matter how many other professions they’ve devoted themselves to.
Most cooking must be done over a heat source – either a cooking fire you’ve started yourself or an open stove. Though many cooking recipes utilize the meat from animals you’ve slain in the wilderness, the fishing profession also provides you with a great deal of stock to try out new recipes. The health benefits of Azerothian seafood are well-documented.

Now, cooking alone might not be the greatest skill to make gold but it will definitely increase your gold/hour from fishing and grinding in certain spots. We’ll give a couple of examples later on.
But like we previously said, choosing professions solely for making gold is somehow a bit selfish and in contradiction with the nature of vanilla wow. Some trade skills are more suited for helping your guild and providing services for your close friends. Cooking is one of the skills that will enrich your world of warcraft experience and while it’s true that this skill will benefit some classes more than others, such as rogues for thistle tea or hunters for providing pet snacks, in reality everyone will benefit from not spending gold to purchase food. I remember a rogue from my original vanilla server that we used to take on our dungeon runs, he always traded each member stamina/spirit food buffs before we started the run. It wasn’t much but the 12stam and 12 spirit sometimes saved us from a wipe, either from the close calls when the tank had 1hp either from the spirit that allowed the priest to cast one more heal. Little things, but these things made me remember the rogue after 14 years.

First Aid
First Aid might not need to be covered on a video as it is pretty straight forward. It’s mandatory in classic wow and everyone must have it, although some classes like Rogues or warriors are obviously going to benefit more from it than let’s say a Priest.
Now, there are a couple of ways to squeeze some extra silver with first aid:
First example is crafting and selling silk and heavy silk bandages. A stack of silk cloth vendors for 30 silver and a stack of silk bandages goes for 40 silver. Sometimes, specially during a fresh launch experience the prices of silk cloth can go under 40 silver on the auction house and taking into consideration the fees, it might be better to craft bandages and vendor for a non taxable fixed price. The reason why silk is going so low on price is because the abundance of it that comes with the leveling process.

For some reason vanilla professions are underrated. And I believe that the reason is lack of knowledge and lack of awareness on the nature of the changing economy. The demands during the first 3 months will not be the same as the demand 6 or 12 months after release. Half of the gold making guides on this channel are made and suited for a mature economy and most professions will thrive during that time. The point is, don’t pick a profession and expect to get rich from day one. There’s a saying that “classic wow” is marathon, not a sprint race and the same principle will apply to professions. The way I see the trading skills is more like an investment, a way in the future to make some passive and semi-passive income, thus making grinding for gold no longer a required task, just a thing of the past.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, stay frosty!

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