Choosing a Profession for Goldmaking in Shadowlands | Shadowlands Profession Guide

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In this video I will talk about what I think will be the best goldmaking professions in Shadowlands, to hopefully help you guys pick your professions! Keep in mind that which Shadowlands Profession you should choose will depend a lot on your playstyle and your daily activities in the game, like if you’re planning on farming a lot of gold, having herbalism & mining will benefit you greatly, but if you’re going to spend 99% of your time spamming mythic+ dungeons, you might be better off picking Tailoring & Enchanting to get more “passive” gold from doing those dungeons, since having Tailoring gets you extra cloth from humanoids, and Enchanting lets you disenchant gear you don’t need, which will get you more gold than vendoring those items. Professions like Inscription & Blacksmithing will also make you a lot of gold, but some recipes & plans will be locked behind reputation. Crafted items not locked behind reputation can be picked up on a level 50 character and should therefore not be prioritized on your main (for example you can mill herbs & craft darkmoon cards on a level 50 alt with access to Shadowlands Inscription, and you can craft potions, flasks, and weapon oils on a level 50 alt with access to Shadowlands Alchemy).
Hope this video helps!

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Massive shoutout to Studen for making such a great goldmaking guide!
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