CHOOSE WISELY! The Best Professions for Shadowlands! Gold Making, Endgame, Legendaries, Raid Guide!

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An overview to each gathering and crafting profession, designed to help you in choosing the best professions for Shadowlands!

Whether your interesting in gold making, raiding, or PvP this video discusses the merits of each shadowlands endgame profession, as well as new legendaries and crafting changes! Designed for new players learning the game or returning players looking for the latest profession recommendations! Choose wisely!

Crafting Changes and Legendaries: (1:00)
Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring: (3:41)
Herbalism, Mining, Skinning: (5:34)
Enchanting: (6:51)
Inscription: (8:14)
Jewelcrafting: (10:08)
Alchemy: (11:18)
Engineering: (12:51)
Conclusion: (14:27)

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