Champion of Craft Kalimantan

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Living in harmony with nature. This is one of the life principles of the Dayak communities in their villages in Kalimantan, Indonesia. With their vast landscape and forest, they integrate their culture and tradition with use of the wealth of natural resources that have been around for many years.

Seeing the potential weaving skills of the local community and availability of raw materials, several NGOs and other organizations attempt to build a sustainable movement to promote traditional crafts and sustainable income for local community. Since 2008, these organizations united under the name Craft Kalimantan, as a network for traditional weavers and their supporters. They learned to about product development, marketing, design, finance, and organizational empowerment for weavers.

Directed by Een Irawan Putra and edited by Anwar Fachrudin, this video produced by Crafts Kalimantan