Carl H Smith & Jay Cousins – Context Craft @ Human // Nature Gathering, August 2019

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How can we reevaluate, reconcile, reestablish, and more effectively understand human nature in a time that requires a new way of being?

Many cuts have severed our connection with reality. Our dominant cultural power structures derive their power from separation and decontextualisation – from the human displacement of slavery, to the monetary abstraction of value. This form of power is not just harmful at every level, but also deeply inefficient. Contextual power has the potential to heal these broken threads, and change our relationship with existing power structures. Players become crafters of their own context, hacking their reality for the benefit of themselves and their communities. Where common spaces and tools are crafted, through common skills and resources. Where the “pieces” are constructed from upcycled materials – removing and reducing harmful waste from the ecosystem in the games creation. Where the only limits are your imagination, and you assist the game in it’s manifestation. Where you can play across reality in the virtual, the imagined, or the real. The ultimate aim of Context Craft is to help us construct a kinder reality.

Part of the Experimental Thought Co. Human // Nature series.

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