Biomutant Crafting Guide – How to Get the Best Weapons and Armor

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Biomutant Crafting Guide – How to Get the Best Weapons and Armor
In this How to Get the Best Weapons & Armor in Biomutant Guide, I’ll be showing you everything you could possibly need to know about how to get good equipment, and how to make it even better once you get it. If you’ve been wondering what sort of customization is available in Biomutant in this area, then you’ll definitely want to watch on and find out.
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Weapons and Armor in Biomutant function a bit differently than most RPGs, and actually work somewhat similarly to the way they do in Fallout 4. While not entirely the same, this simple comparison is enough to give you the general concept of how this functions, in a nutshell. However, I’m not here to give you a vague idea of how this works, so let’s jump into Armor first and see exactly how it works in Biomutant.

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0:14 – Biomutant Armor Crafting
3:03 – Biomutant Weapon Crafting


Biomutant is an upcoming action-adventure RPG with a strong, narrative-driven story, taking place in a unique, artful world inspired by masterpieces such as Devil May Cry, Ratchet and Clank, and even the movie: Kung-fu Panda. Created by developer Experiment 101, Art & Creative Director Stefan Ljungqvist along with his team aims to offer players unparalleled freedom in character creation, combat mechanics, and exploration elements in the post-apocalyptic epic adventure. Set in a time where the lifeforce of the planet is sustained by the Tree of Life, players design their own vision of the ultimate battle critter, in order to adopt their preferred Mutations, learn styles of Martial Arts, and save the divine tree to unite the realm once more.


Evolve Your Character:
Players create their very own ultimate mutant critter to unite the world together and conquer bestial brutes around the realm. Players choose their own Faction, choose specific Mutations, and adopt different combat styles to battle through the epic narrative.

Innovative Combat System:
The Martial Arts combat system in Biomutant features an even mix of agility, melee, and ranged combat, allowing users to directly learn new styles of Kung-fu from Wushu Masters, constantly adding fresh skills to their arsenal. Players can experience maximum combat freedom by defeating enemies with their own style of Martial Arts.

Unrivaled Crafting Potential:
Experience unlimited potentials with Biomutant’s Weapon Crafting System, where players can literally mix and match any parts they gather, and design the weapon of their dreams. Attach drills and corkscrews to heavy artilleries such as Revolvers, Shotguns, and Rifles, or assemble a comical 2H sword with a gigantic toothbrush – the degree of crafting freedom is limitless.

Traverse Extreme Terrains:
Gear-up and prepare to explore the most extreme of Terrains, such as Deadzones and Cryonic areas, and challenge tarnished, evil Bosses in polluted chemicals navigating riding on your handy Googlide water-ski, and an array of customizable Biomutant Mounts and Vehicles!

Biomutant Release Date: May 25th, 2021
Biomutant Platforms: PS4, PS5 (Backwards Compatability), Xbox One, PC
Biomutant Developer: Experiment 101
Biomutant Publisher: THQ Nordic

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