Beginner to Advanced FULL Crafting Crash Course | Path of Exile Guide

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This is a crafting guide that starts from the very beginning and builds up to more advanced topics. I start as basic as how to use a transmutation orb and what an item even is and go up to metacrafting and some techniques that you can do there. This video isn’t intended to be sat through in a single session and just listened to passively. I wanted to make something that someone could reference and go back to for certain questions and try to absorb more information as well as use it as an introduction to the topic for their new player friends.

Accompanying spreadsheet with examples and external resources:

00:00 – Intro, What is Crafting?
01:35 – Basic Currency
24:13 – Item Bases
33:25 – Crafting Bench
38:52 – Essences
45:11 – Fossils
56:20 – Catalysts
1:01:48 – Bestiary
1:13:30 – Influence
1:30:50 – Metacrafting
1:38:06 – Harvest
1:44:19 – Veiled Mods
1:52:05 – Outro