Ashes of Creation – Artisan System [Ashes 101]

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The developers at Intrepid Studios are planning on having a very robust Artisan System for Ashes of Creation. In fact, the Creative Director is striving to ensure that players who want to spend their entire time as Artisans have a system which will allow them to be full-time artisans. The system is going to be a three branch system, with gathering, processing, and crafting as the different options.


Gear will not have a finite repairability. It can be repaired an infinite number of times if the repair materials can be secured.

This is going to be a big picture overview. We we get more information I will be doing break-out videos for each of the three subsystems. For now, if you are looking for more information about those in depth systems you can check out and then drill down into Gathering, Processing, or Crafting.

The most important part of this video is going to be the fact there is no Archeage Like Labor System. Intrepid does not believe this makes for good gameplay. Additionally, they do have a plan for both the continued demand for items and a way to keep low level items relevant.

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Three Branch System
01:45 – Branch Mastery
03:00 – What you can learn after mastering
03:31 – Supply Chain (Gathering – Processing – Crafting)
04:31 – How Low Level Items Stay Relevant
05:10 – FAQ
05:22 – Continued Demand for Items
07:40 – Do Professions affect Classes?
08:26 – Labor system?
09:55 – Death Drop Rates and Artisans
11:54 – Close