Arts Chat: Building a Life as an Artist in the UAE

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Four arts professionals share their personal journeys of working in the arts industry in the UAE: Philip Rachid, director and filmmaker; along with Lana Fahmi, principal dancer and assistant choreographer of Sima Dance Company; Jumairy, conceptual artist, and Derek Anthony, Yalla Magazine Editor. The UAE-based artists will discuss the challenges they faced and how their careers evolved over the years. The talk was moderated by Julia Tymoshenko, NYUAD Social Research and Public Policy student. This Arts Chat was presented in partnership with Yalla Magazine

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Arts Chats:
Discover careers in performing arts. Hear from the artists who have presented work at The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi on where they started, how they built their careers, and what it means to be a professional artist in today’s world. Presented in partnership with the Career Development Center at NYUAD and the NYUAD Art Gallery.

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00:00 Introduction
07:45 The Evolving Arts Industry in the UAE
16:10 Socio-Cultural Influence on the Creative Process
20:27 Audience Interaction and Community Building
26:06 Important Skills to Succeed in the UAE Art Industry
39:40 Making a Living as an Artist in the UAE
48:53 Creating a Vibrant Art Industry in the UAE
54:23 Finding Spaces to Work and Perform in the UAE