Are You Crafting the Most profitable Item in the Hideout? – Escape from Tarkov – Profit Guide

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I analyze every craft in the hideout and show you which ones are the most profitable regardless of the level of your hideout or trader rating.

The hideout in Escape From Tarkov Is often overlooked as a source of income to support your raids. And despite what most people think, you don’t need a bitcoin farm to make a substantial amount of money.

I’ll update these weekly or as I see major changes to the prices and anything is worth updating. I go through the Workbench, Lavatory, Nutrition Unit, Med Station, and Intel Center and explain what is currently the most profitable craft in each module as well as a few alternates for lower level players. My goals is to give you the ultimate passive income guide so that you can make as much Tarkov money as possible regardless of your level or how much you play the game.

Thanks to Tarkov Market – and the Tarkov Wiki - for the resources they provide.

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