Amazon's 🌲NEW WORLD MMO ALPHA 3 CHANGES BREAKDOWN #4 (Rapier, Major Crafting Changes, Combat & AI)

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01/20/2021 – Amazon Game Studios has released the fourth batch of patch notes (probably the biggest one yet) related to the third alpha, and we’re here to do a full breakdown! This time I we are getting a HUUUUGE update. The Rapier weapon is on the scene, extremely major changes to crafting, touch ups on the previous combat changes, and also new conditions set for our equipment and the AI?

Alongside that we’ve got details on some very big quality of life changes and a tease of possible features being added to the faction system in the future for more incentives!

As always, diving into the big topic of the latest patch notes. Anything from the core combat changes, huge crafting system overhaul, Rapier weapon introduction, quality of life changes, questing, group changes, settlement redesigns, and more!

Amazon New World Playlist –

Previous patch breakdown (Start here for the basics!) –

Official Trailer –

Dev Diary #3 (Combat) –

Crafting Revisited Update Notes –
Crafting Vision Post –

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Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects.
Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty.
Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.
Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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