Addon to help MAX the potential of your Professions.

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Hey guys, Sharken808 here.

Today we are looking at the addon called Ackis recipe. this addon will scan your professions to see what you have and what you are still missing. and provide you with the location and how to get the item.

Make sure to download all the sub addons. (enchanting, Tailor etc)
Addon :

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Before starting any farm ensure that you have Loot appraiser and TSM addons installed as they will make your life easier to determine if a drop is rare or not instantly.

and also have Gathermate and Gathermate data to be able to see the location of any chest nearby.

Keep in mind that this farm only provides Looted item value and the items you find may sell instantly or may take days, weeks or even months to sell.

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Thanks again and may the RNG gods be with you.