A conversation with Joscha Bach

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00:00 Life in Eastern Germany and Cold War era geopolitics
25:57 USA – postmodernism and it’s theatrical political culture
29:03 Universal basic income
36:17 Differences between left and right political doctrines – society as an organism
42:10 Shared purpose in society and it’s importance
45:57 Top-down enforced shared purpose means the end of liberalism
49:59 Is this a symptom of societal collapse? Contrasted with the Roman collapse.
55:50 Speaking of societal collapse, let’s talk about California..
01:04:02 Government program error correction and the dangers of the interpretation of legalese
01:08:36 Spirit of the law vs literal letter of the law and it’s similarities with algorithmic bias
01:09:29 Christianity and Communism as societal organizing principles
01:13:05 Why does Norway work so well?
01:14:20 Contrast Norwegian cultural evolution with that of the USA
01:17:39 Innovation is sometimes indistinguishable from cheating
01:27:19 Let the states experiment
01:28:19 Libertarianism just doesn’t work
01:29:57 Society as a cybernetic regulation system
01:33:52 3-tiered systems in democracies and why Trump was a liberal
01:36:22 Hillary Clinton
01:39:01 Trump
01:41:51 Social media censorship
01:54:39 80s hacking scene
01:57:58 The universe running on a Commodore 64
02:00:25 Mathematics is the domain of all languages
02:06:41 Life is the cell and the cell contains a Turing Machine
02:11:48 The meaning of life
02:16:31 The future of the human species/transhumanism
02:20:52 The potential effects of Buddhism and Christianity on their respective societies
02:25:57 Why stoicism may reduce the evolutionary fitness of groups
02:30:23 The Lebowski theory

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