9 Helpful Hair Hacks! DIY Hairstyle Ideas, Tips and Tricks

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Want a new hairstyle? Perfect! We’re bringing you a bunch of helpful DIY hair ideas to try! Learn how to stop that static hair mess, achieve lovely curls without a curler, and even use eyeshadow to color your hair. Stay tuned for all these fun hair tips and tricks!

00:00 Static Hair Fix Trick
00:57 Easy Butterfly Hairstyle
01:53 Eyeshadow Colored Hair
02:41 Curl Up Hair Hack
04:06 Hair Coloring With Stencils
05:13 Curling With Plastic Bottle
06:03 Funky Hair Braids
07:57 Hair Serum For Curly Hair
08:56 Hide Forehead Pimple

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