7 Days To Die Forge Tutorial Crafting/Smelting Metal Day 1 – Tools Upgrade Fast AF Tutorial A19 2020

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Super fast AF 7 Days To Die tutorial teaching new players how to craft and use the forge to smelt iron, lead, brass, sand, stone, and clay. Get some beginner tips on how to melt the metal down and use it to craft items like forged iron, bullet tips, bullet casings, iron tipped arrows and so much more!

Learn how to craft a forge on day 1, step by step!

Also, learn how to use and upgrade the forge in the late game using the Anvil, Advanced Bellows, to maximize your efficiency, and the Crucible so that you can make the strongest material in the game, steel! If you want a motorcycle or 4×4 truck this is a must.

I tried to pack as much into 6 minutes as possible, this is my first tutorial so let me know how I can improve!

Also see my other Fast AF tutorial on upgrading wooden frames and use the steel!

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If you have any ideas or requests for tutorials that might help new players get over the learning curve for 7D2D leave a comment!