5-Minute Crafts To Do when you are BORED perfect gift ideas for best friends

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5-Minute Crafts To Do when you are BORED perfect gift ideas for best friends.
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Hello everyone, today I want to show some easy five minutes crafts for best friends,they are really easy to make even if you are not good at crafting these Best friends DIY´s will save you.

Here are 5 EASY 5-minute crafts / boredom life hacks that you can make with things things that you may already have at home :)! Many of these are DIY ideas that I came up with over the time but didn’t get around to making separate videos for. So I decided to do a single video all at once and I hope you enjoy this compilation of cute, 5-minute crafts. Please note that “5-minute crafts” only applies to hands-on time and not drying/setting time.

My favorite was the pom pom pal, you could give it to your best friend for birthday or you can make these 5 minutes crafts at a sleepover.It could be such a great idea to do together.

Homemade and easy to make are always perfect gift ideas.

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