144x Jagged Fossils vs. WARLORD STEEL RINGS! ๐Ÿ”ฅ -Going for Impale rings! (Path of Exile Crafting)

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What’s up guys, TheAmigoBoyz here and i am FINALLY back with another crafting video! This time we are back in Path of exile to make another amazing item! This time we are focusing on impale gear, specifically, steel rings! I have aquired a full stash tab of jagged fossils, and hopefully I will be able to get some GG physical rings with Vulnerability on hit and high damage!

If you want to see the profit/cost breakdown check below!

SPOILER ALERT: Total Profit Breakdown:

– 4x i84+ Dual-Influenced Opal Rings @ 380 c each = 7.2 ex
– 144x 1-Socket Chaotic Resonators @ 1.5 c each = 1.1 ex
– 144x Jagged Fossils @ 5 c each = 3.5 ex
– 16 x Abbrasive Catalyst @ 1c each = 0.1 ex

Total Cost: 11.9 ex

Total Value: 15 – 25 ex

TOTAL (Estimated) PROFIT: 3 – 13 ex

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Outro Song: Retrovision – Over Again

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