12th History | Imp. Ques.| Discuss the evidence of craft production in Early Historic Cities.| NCERT

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King Farmers & Towns Early States and Economies

12th Class History Playlist

Chapter 1: Bricks Beads and Bones: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3o1X95SaHK2qLKZPFHxO9OguES4hfGYT

Chapter 2: Kings, Farmers & Towns Early State & Economies: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3o1X95SaHK19pnXBQ_n0PAluu-UwRodx

Pdf: https://www.ndjtuition.com/2020/07/class-12th-historykings-farmers-and.html?m=1

Important Questions

Ques.1. Discuss the evidence of craft production in Early Historic cities. In what ways is this different from the evidence from Harappan cities?

Ques.2. Describe the salient features of Mahajanapadas

Ques.3. How do historian reconstruct the lives of ordinary people?

Ques.4. List some of the problems faced by the epigraphists.

Ques.6. Discuss the main features of the Mauryan administration. Which of these elements are evident in the Asokan inscriptions that you have studied?

Ques.7. This is a statement made by one of the best-known epigraphists of the twentieth century, D.C. Sircar: “There is no aspect of life, culture, activities of the Indians that is not reflected in inscriptions.” Discuss

Ques.8. Discuss the notions of kingship that developed in the post-Mauryan period.

Ques.9. To what extent were agricultural practices transformed in the period under consideration?